Hey, I’m Umang Rastogi

A Robotics engineer specializing in motion planning, AI, and machine learning. I am currently working as a software developer at Digital Dream Labs.

Get a glimpse into my journey from a clueless college freshman to a passionate roboticist.

Latest Projects

Find Euler Tour

Find if an Euler tour exists for a given undirected, connected, simple graphs, and to find such a tour, if they do indeed have one

Connect Me If You Can

A self-learning connect-4 game with a simple GUI using a deep Q-learning network (DQN)

Dynamic Path Planner

Motion planning of a non-holonomic robot, Turtlebot3, in a 3D dynamic environment

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Latest Blogs

Implementation of dRRT*

Read about my implementation of one of the newly proposed multi-agent motion planning algorithms.

(Source: Wikipedia)

Evolutionary Neural Networks

Read about the use of genetic algorithms in developing evolutionary neural networks and their role in decision-making for robotics.

(Source: Robocraze)

Treasure Hunt using ESP32

Learn about how to do a fun and high-tech treasure hunt using an affordable microcontroller, ESP32, by Espressif.

My Journey

Project MANAS

Sensors Division Head & Member
February 2016 – September 2017
Manipal, India

My journey into robotics started as a freshman at Manipal Institute of Technology. I wanted to find a thing that could define my place at the college, so I would attend every event to get a hint of what that might be. That is when I found Project MANAS. They were a bunch of juniors and sophomores talking about building a self-driving car. It caught my attention since autonomous driving was a whole new arena not very popular in India in 2016.
I handled the electrical connectivity of all the onboard sensors and electronics via designing custom PCBs. I moved on to work with industrial-grade microcontrollers and sensors such as TI Hercules, NI cRIO, and Continental RADARs. We used them to minimize our blind spots. At MANAS, I not only got to work on prototypes but also on a real car. We modified the Mahindra E2O to achieve second-level autonomy.
Although my journey into robotics started with autonomous cars, it led me to pursue robotics as a career and for my master’s at the University of Maryland.

TIF Labs

Embedded Software Intern
January – June 2019
Bengaluru, India

During my tenure at TIF Labs, I got to be part of great projects. In Fitness Gamified (FitGa), I was responsible for developing various training routines to enable athletes measure and track their performance in a fun and competitive way.
In e-Commerce Jig, I built a sophisticated system to automatically check the proper functioning of DIY electronic devices such as motors, sensors, and microcontrollers. Additionally, I learned to effectively impart my technical knowledge by writing blogs and making tutorial videos for Robocraze, a subsidiary of TIF Labs.

University of Maryland

Graduate Teaching Assistant – Software Development for Robotics
August – December 2020
College Park, MD

We truly understand a concept if we can teach it to someone else. After taking the course Software Development for Robotics in Fall 2019, I took the challenge of teaching it to others. 
My role involved taking tutorial classes for software development cycles, ROSRViz, and Gazebo. The tutorials made me see new perspectives through the students’ queries and deepened my understanding of the topics.

Digital Dream Labs

Software Developer Intern
June – August 2020, December 2020 – May 2021
Pittsburgh, PA

With robots getting more involved in our daily lives, it is becoming necessary that we get accustomed to their presence. What better way of doing that than interacting with cute little robots with whom one can play.
I was fortunate enough to get hired during the pandemic and get the opportunity to work with one such robot, Cozmo, during the summer of 2020. I worked with a great team focused on increasing human-robot interaction through user-friendly robots.

Software Developer
July 2021 – Present
Pittsburgh, PA

I am currently working with Digital Dream Labs to keep the beloved robotic pets, Cozmo and Vector, alive and well.

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