Having fun with Reinforcement Learning

Connect-4 If-You-Can

A self-learning connect-4 game with a simple GUI using a deep Q-learning network (DQN)

Motion and Path Planning

Optimal Path Finder

Implementing search-based algorithms, such as Breadth-first search (BFS), Dijkstra and A*

Find Euler Tour

Find if an Euler tour exists for given undirected, connected, simple graphs, and to find such a tour, if they do indeed have one

ROS related projects

Dynamic Path Planner

Motion planning of a differential-drive robot using dynamic programming (DP) approach

Supermarket Cleaning Robot

Simulating a Turtlebot to pickup fallen objects along the aisles of a supermarket using OpenCV, ROS and Gazebo

Planetary Lander

My implementation for the Lunar Lander problem described by Open-AI

Sub-optimal Path Finder

Implementing search-based algorithms such as depth-first search (DFS) and Weighted-A*


Multi-agent path planning of point robots in a high probability collision environment

A* Turtlebot

Motion planning of a non-holonomic robot, Turtlebot3, using the A* algorithm

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